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Industrial Wind Turbines ...Not Green

The Trouble with Industrial Wind Turbines

by: Michael Spencley

Industrial Wind Turbines (ITWs) are not just a "green-washed" tax grab by governments. They are a real problem in many community areas ...including:

  1. IWTs are not 'green'. (Spain's CO2 emissions are up 50% with its subsidized "green jobs" program.)
  2. IWTs do not create jobs. (2.2 jobs were destroyed for every so-called “green job” created in Spain.)
  3. "IWTs cause health problems for humans." (So says Dr. Robert McMurtry, Professor Emeritus in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario and special advisor to the Canadian Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care).
  4. IWTs slaughter birds, bats and wildlife. (Experts world-wide confirm they pose an ominous threat to endangered species.)
  5. IWTs are uneconomical. (They often result in over 200% increase in rates through subsidies as in feed-in-tariffs).
  6. IWTs negative impact on costs forces industry to relocate to other jurisdictions. (This further negatively impacts the net loss of jobs with some 'green' initiatives.)
  7. IWTs stir up a "toxic stew" in peoples' drinking water. This results from excavations to support their concrete footings when installed in Ontario's Great Lakes or other bodies of fresh water.)
Copyright © 2010 Michael Spangley This summary is extracted from Mr. Spencley's letter of June 8, 2010 to the Toronto Globe and Mail correcting errors in an article by a Globe columnist, Marcus Gee. Mr. Spencley is an engineer and Chairman of Michael Spencley International Inc. who lives & works in Toronto.

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