Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Chuck Norris Takes On Oprah

"For years, Chuck Norris has been a vigilante for justice, rounding up the bad guys in various films and TV shows such as 'Walker, Texas Ranger'. Recently, he embarked on a whole new crusade – challenging TV’s resident daytime diva, Oprah Winfrey. In a WorldNetDaily exclusive commentary this week, Norris authored 'Oprah’s New Easter', addressing her recent and ongoing promotion of spiritual self-help guide 'A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle'."

When I read this introduction to an Editorial on the Church Solutions website today, the Bible story about David and Goliath jumped into my mind. (And I chuckled ...for obvious reasons. "Sorry, Oprah!")

You can read the rest of the article here. It's well worth your time if you're concerned about the subtle, demonic creep of secular humanism clothed in Christian garb rapidly wraping itself around North America, particularly.

Hopefully, the stones Mr. Norris puts in his sling shot will be as empowered by Holy Spirit as were David's and enable him to fell, with our prayerful help, the billion dollar Tolle/Winfrey colossus. "Those who have the ears to hear, let them hear!"

Now It's Your Turn!: Please share how you feel and what you think about what you've just read. For example: "Is Norris wasting his time fighting against the spread of secular humanism, especially when, in this case, it's being driven by Ms. Winfrey's tremendous resources? " or "Is Oprah's 'soft Christianity', as it's called by some, really dangerous? " (My 'Comment Section', in which you can share anonymously, will open to you when you click on "comments" immediately below this post. The “Word Verification Procedure” there before you can post is included to prevent spammers from spoiling your enjoyment of my site.)

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Gary: Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes I wonder where all the Christian pastors are? I figure one of two things happened: They either figure there is no point in speaking out on these matters as what is of Oprah will die with Oprah in their minds, or the they are afraid to stand up in the "world" preferring to utter their words only within the earshot safety of their own flock. As those who wield the word in the media, we would do well to also point out the shortcomings of our own team to our people. While focusing on Oprah's doings is more interesting, we need to be sure that we're not missing what we need to fix internally if we are to do the work of the Lord.
Well said, Ken! I agree that some of we Followers of Jesus can lack the courage sometimes to confront evil.

On this point, I've always liked the quote usually attributed to Edmund Burke, "All that is needed for evil to triumph is for one good man to do nothing." (Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Irish political philosopher, Whig politician, and statesman (regarded by many as the "father" of modern conservatism))

There is a lot of deception in the world today, and unfortunately it is not limited to the unbelieving world. The deception that is alive in the body of Messiah clearly shows us that a good part of their Christian walk is in the flesh. There is such a lack of truth being communicated by the Body of Messiah deception is somthing satan can easily bring. What we truley have today is a lack of the truth being spoken in the and by the Body of Messiah. I once heard a preacher say if we will devote ourselves to knowing the truth (Yeshua and His word) and then declare it from the roof tops then deception would begin to be decerned and rejected. Oh God where are your people who proclaim the truth? Yeshua said I am the way, the truth and the life... Church wake up and beging to proclaim the Truth. He is a person of great price and value. Make Him known and you will begin to set people free from deception.

Simantov Allalouf Israel
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