Saturday, November 03, 2007


Homosexuality: What's all the fuss?

Do you think and feel that Christians focus too much on only one of what the Bible calls sins? Do we spend too much time and energy reacting to homosexuality in society? Does this result in us being labeled as "homophobes" rather than "pro-moralists"?

Alternatively, does the stance taken by, what some call, moral relativists demand that Christians focus on this issue above all other "sins". Is the morally relativistic demand that we must all not only agree that homosexuality and same sex marriage are equal to heterosexuality and traditional one man to one woman marriage but we must celebrate these so-called "truths" too one-sided?

There's an interesting discussion of these two points of view by two Christian brothers available to you. Jared Barber, the younger 19 year old, wrote a short article in which he took an articulate position on the first view above. His journalist brother, Matt, thought the article was beyond Jared's years in wisdom. So Matt published Jared's piece and attached a partial rebuttal covering the second view above.

You can check it out if you wish to consider this subject further.

Then please come back and take your turn.

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The points are well-taken regarding the fact that discussions of, almost preoccupation on this issue has been foisted on the Christian community because of the heavy activism on the other side. It is one of the most intense fights that rages in the world today and the kind of world we will have in another 50 years will depend on how Christians respond to this challenge!
Well said, Jack. I agree whole heartedly.
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