Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Why North Americans Get So Sick, Suffer So Much, and Die Too Soon!

I started reading the 'hot' new wellness book, "The China Study" by Colin Campbell, during my professional development reading time this morning. Its cover jacket purports to provide the definitive, scientific answers to the above questions.

So far in my reading, Campbell, who is a world renowned scientist, has lived up to the cover's billing. In fact, I'm excited by what I am learning because it is empowering.

I'll post my book review as soon as possible.

Now It's Your Turn!: What is it about the current health field that "bugs" you the most? Campbell, who does not strike me as a conspiracy theorist, suggests that we, the public, have been deliberately confused about issues surrounding our health. He says we are the victims of an intentional misinformation campaign by a number of 'authorities' in society that we have wrongly trusted. Please share what you think and how you feel about the 'wellness/ diet industry'. (My 'Comment Section', in which you can share anonymously, will open to you when you click on "Comments" immediately below this post.)

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