Friday, September 19, 2008


Have You Tweet, Tweeted Today?

No I'm not asking if you listened to the birds today. Or sung in the shower or somewhere. One 'Tweets' when they send a message to the 'Tweetverse' using 'Twitter'. And for those of you who think I'm kidding using these 'cutesy' terms, Twitter has a whole vocabulary, and even a 'Twictionary' of its own.

Twitter is a two-year-old, free micro-blogging site that is racking up high-profile enthusiasts. Those who support it call it both a "hyper-grapevine" news resource and an innovative business tool for more timely and effective customer service.

Another writer, a lawyer specializing in its use, has touted it in the Times recently as a business-building tool as well as a customer service one.

Some of Twitter's heavy-hitter users include: The New York Times, Huffington Post, Comcast, General Motors, YouTube, and both U.S. presidential candidates.

This fast-growing communication service is said to have more than 2 million accounts set up for sending and receiving 'tweets'. These are concise text messages that are limited to just 140 characters. The San Francisco-based Twitter has 24 employees and recently won $15 million in funding.

Jack Dorsey, 31, is widely acknowledged as the man behind the Twitter concept. A St. Louis native and New York University computer-science dropout, he recently also dropped his nose ring. Mr. Dorsey says in a recent interview that he is excited about his media's rapid acceptance, the new Twitter show on CNN, and possible models for actually making money with Twitter.

He must be doing something right. Even newer communication upstarts are nipping at his heels.

You can read the brief, interesting interview with the GenY genius behind Twitter here.

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Now It's Your Turn!: Please share how you feel and what you think about the issues involved and/or what the various article writers say about Twitter. For example: "Is it a truly useful business-building and/or customer service tool in your opinion?" or "Might it be just another techie 'flavour of the month'? and "Do you feel we are doing more and more social networking while enjoying it less?" or "Is Twitter dangerous by creating more 'thick of thin things' to deal with and promoting the 'tyranny of the urgent' in already too-stressed people?"

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