Sunday, August 03, 2008


Seniors Tap into Texting

What do you think about the title of the above article from the August 1st Washington Post here? Is this your experience?

I'm one of the supposed 50% of those over 65 who have a cell Phone. And one of the only 2% who have a PDA. And I'm not texting. I use the phone, e-mail and three different social networks ...FaceBook, FriendFeed, Linked-in, Plaxo and Twitter.

Why do I need to thumb on a ity-bity keyboard?

I find it interesting that the article makes this statement right at its beginning: "The helpful young man sitting beside [the 69 year old woman], trying to figure out why in the dickens that tiny envelope kept appearing on her cellphone's screen, explained that it was a text message, and it was far more useful than one of those old-fashioned voice mails."

Then the writer never explains what those benefits are! But, she sure does her best to send a powerful advertising message to we Seniors on behalf of of the high-paying Mobility company advertisers in the Post.

Dah! We may be senior. But we're not all senile!

I'd use texting, some, if I could get Joopz to work from my Office computer where I spend most of my day. But, a VoiceMail or personal call is more helpful and relational for me.

Right now I vote with the Senior in the article who said: "I've got lots of better things to do with my time!" But, then, I'm the guy who said he'd never own a cell phone as my wife keeps reminding me! (I've now had one for almost 20 years. That's longer than many of the so-called, tech-savvy generation have been alive.) Having given in, I then swore 10 years ago that the mobility companies were gonna blow their brains out combining a camera and a cell phone asking: "How dumb is that?" (OK! OK!! So I now use it more than my high-priced Canon camera and take not bad pics of the action the pros miss at weddings.)

But, this Senior texting? Come on now!

Now It's Your Turn!: Please share how you feel and what you think about the issues and/or what Ms. Hart, the Post writer, says in her article. For example: "Is texting more beneficial than relating by phone?" and "Are 50% of seniors who have cell phones as helpless using them as she implies?" or "Should Seniors even try to keep up with modern technology?" (My 'Comment Section', in which you may share anonymously, will open to you when you click on "comments" immediately below this post. The simple “Word Verification Procedure” there before you can post is included to prevent spammers from spoiling your enjoyment of my site.)

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