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Finding Extra Time, SB 2011-03-02

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"Three Easy Steps to Finding Extra Time"

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Have you noticed that when a big crisis hits, poor time utilizers always seem to manage to make time to deal with it.

Why is that do you think? Maybe it's because the problem that has reared its ugly head is perceived as crucial, eh?

“Responding to 'The Tyranny of the Urgent' is one of the most dis-stressful of poor time utilization approaches used today!” ~ gfp '42™

Careening from One Crisis to the Next

Reacting to recurring crises is not the best way to go through life.

Nor is it a great idea to allow "The Tyranny of the Urgent" to rule your day.

Here’s your people-relationship and life-skills S-M-A-R-TTip™

Use these three steps to get the less urgent, but more important, things in your business and life done.

1. Take five minutes to make two lists containing all the challenges currently on your plate. Then, label one 'Important'. Label the other 'Urgent'.

2. Review your Urgent List and delegate everything on it that someone else could handle. Take a risk and see how others will deliver when you trust them after supporting them by giving them the resources that they need to do a competent job. At the end of the day follow up.

3. Number all the remaining items in order of importance and block out time slots in your calendar for these as soon as possible in priority order. Leave a few time slots open for the unexpected. And be disciplined about not allowing others to interrupt you during your "Important Calendar Blocks".

When you've got some successes to which you can point that others can learn from to find extra time too, share what you learned. Then, they can watch their productivity escalate also.

“Crises often occur in direct proportion to the amount of our ineffective planning and preparation? ~ gfp '42™

You'll be more comfortable, less dis-stressed and enrich your life when you adopt my 3-step S-M-A-R-TTip to powerful time utilization.

Turn your back on "The Tyranny of the Urgent" ...right now... please! You'll believe in the wisdom of my recommendation when you see how good you feel when you do. Plus how much you bless others when you delegate responsibly.

You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

But, using this life-skill is a choice! And remember, quality customer/people service and living fully is a moment-to-moment choice. Plus, they result from an unending series of wise decisions.

Call me now at the numbers below if I can help you further in this area. So-called time management has been a life-skills coaching specialty for me for years because as a careening Type 'A' management consultant. I had to utilize my time better or my wife would have left me. 2 

If your time for help is not ripe for you, please drop me a line using the link immediately below this paragraph. I'd appreciate hearing what you think and how you feel about the above.

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