Monday, February 15, 2010


Iran's is a Dangerous Regime

February 11, 2010 marked the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.

Some of you are old enough to remember the terrifying, daily headlines about the threats to the lives of the Americans who were kept hostage by Iranian terrorists in the U.S.'s own Embassy ...for months after the riots broke out in Tehran.

Remember an Embassy is a place of safety and refuge for foreigners in civilized, and even hostile, countries in most other places in the world ...except Iran. (We Canadians can be proud that a Canadian embassy official was instrumental in getting many of the Americans trapped in Iran, in 1979, out and home to safety)

Around the world during this season, many people's eyes are on Iran because it's leaders say they'll make an announcement that "will provide a big blow to the West" and "Israel will soon be destroyed.

We are wise to examine not only what the heads of this barbaric regime say during this season. But also what they have done during the past 30 years. Only in this way can we really understand the underlying basis of the real threat facing the Body of Christ and all Infidels, as Iran's leaders and other terrorists love to call us.

Remember though:
The threat to your family is from radical and violent Islamism, the ideology, NOT Islam, the religion. And it is Iran's seemingly insane leaders that are one major source of the threat to us ...NOT the Iranian people nor Muslims generally ...despite what some Christians are saying on the WWW.

You can watch an Arab reporter interview a well-known Muslim in the video here. He shares his startling views on this issue of radical ideology which he calls "...our problem in the Arab world".

This site here will educate you more about this threat. You can subscribe to breaking news updates there by e-mail if you wish.

Another excellent and helpful site is that of Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a prior terrorist turned Reformer. You can discover how he distinguishes between Islamism, the ideology that maims and kills, and Islam, the religion at his site here. His article on the elimination of the Iranian regime as a major key to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict is here.

Please take a few minutes to educate yourselves on Iran and the dangers of Islamism.

Please also tell your colleagues, friends, neighbours and relatives why it is so important to look at Iran's regime as a dangerous one. That's because Iran's is a regime filled with violent men. They are bent on destroying not only Israel and the Great Satan, the U.S, but also you and your kids and everyone else in Western society whom they call Infidels.

Beware because of the spirit that possesses Iran's leaders that drives them to recurring murder of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

These followers of Shia, not Sunni, Islam are called Shi'as but are also known as Shiites. They passionately believe that by terrorizing and murdering us that they will hasten the coming of their messiah. But their 'Mahdi' or 'Medhi', as he's know but seldom talked about in the media, is not the loving Jesus of the Bible Whom they say they honour and respect.(Some teach that their Madhi is "The Antichrist", the unknown person, organization or thing that the Bible talks about a lot, using many different names, but does not describe clearly.)

Beware, educate yourself and, especially, pray! Our key, spiritual warfare weapon is far more powerful than than the dirty nuclear bombs that Iran's leaders also are trying to get their deadly hands on.

How you feel about these issues I'd love to hear.


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