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In the famous words of Scissorhands: "I'mmmm baaaack!" After a lengthy absence, during which I have been reassessing Blogging generally, I will be reposting to "Me, Myself and Mine!" on an regular basis.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Why Do Atheists Often Have The Last Say?

Good question, eh? (I use "Eh" in my writing to help people remember that I am a 'Canuk' ('Canadian' for my still ignorant readers from or in other lands).

It's a good question because it's often true. True anyways when it comes to Christians defending what they believe. I'll let representatives of other faiths speak for themselves. I'm a Follower of Jesus. I've only experienced us too often doing a terrible job of speaking up for our Saviour and Lord when He's attacked by those who are not yet as fortunate and privileged as we in Having Jesus as their Bother.

But all this can change! It can change at least for those of us wise enough to read and memorize some of responses to myths often wielded like clubs by those who say they don't believe in God or are unsure about His existence. You'll find these myths exploded in two new books from Regnery namely, "What’s So Great about Christianity" and "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible".

It's my experience in relating to atheists and agnostics that what they often dislike is really religion or Christians ...not Deity. I discovered this by actually listening to their concerns rather than shouting at them, like too many Christians who confuse apologetics and witnessing with brow-beating those who don't agree with them. (I'm always with atheists on their first hate and too often on their second. I too hate 'religion' and dislike the word 'Christian'. Jesus came not to found another religion. He came to destroy religion as the route to God and enable humankind to relate to Him and His heavenly Father directly via His Spirit. That's one reason I don't describe myself as a Christian but as a Jesus Follower.)

You can discover if you'd be wise to at least peruse these books at your local Library by noting who may questions you can answer clearly and succinctly in my short quiz below:
  1. What would you say to another who says that the Bible stands in the way of science?
  2. How do you respond when someone argues that the Bible condones slavery?
  3. Why are Christianity and science not in conflict at all and the latter depends on the former?
Didn't do so well? Relax! You're not alone in my experience in dealing with those who should know over the last 25 years in the Toronto marketplace.

If you like to find out how to answer the questions above that you flunked, you can read the answers as part of a commentary on the two books by Doug Giles on

In addition, you also may enjoy an insightful interview with one of the authors, Dinesh D'Sousa who wrote "What's So Great About Christianity". Here he briefly outlines why theism makes vastly more sense of the world and of our lives than agnosticism or atheism. His words could persuade genuine seekers that they should take Christianity seriously, and give it real consideration. He will not convince dogmatic atheists. However, he does expose and refute and embarrass them.

If you're an agnostic or atheist, you might find these books and the interview with Dinish D'Sousa helpful in answering some of the things about Following Jesus that bother you. There's a common political expression that says: "If you are 18 and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you are 50 and not a Conservative, you have no brain." In a similar vein, I suggest that: "If you are 20 and not an agnostic or atheist, you have no brain. If you are 50 and are not a Jesus Follower, you have no heart."

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