Thursday, November 10, 2005


Some Judges Believe Your Children Are The Property of the State

Recently a powerful U.S. Circuit court ruled against parental control over what their children can be taught in school.

The court held that public schools can expose American children to any depravity, can erotically indoctrinate them, can sexualize them when they're barely out of diapers - and parents can have no say in the matter.

The case involved a questionnaire distributed to 7- to-10 year-olds in the Palmdale, California school system. The survey asked students to rate how often they thought about "touching my private parts too much," "thinking about other people's private parts," "having sex feelings in my body" and so on.

Schools that do not seem to be able to teach kids how to tie their shoes are really into sexual instruction both in the U.S. and in Canada.

Why should you worry? You would be wise to be on your guard because court rulings on parents' influence over their own children in Canada seem to be trending in the same direction.

You can read more about what the U.S. court says and how Don Feder, one conservative commentator, feels about it by clicking here.

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